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Jerry Ting | Snake River, Alaska (

Snake River, Alaska, Nushagak Bay Area - Photography by Jerry Ting

Impossibly beautiful photo of volcanic river of Iceland. Yes, our planet is just this gorgeous.

Impossibly beautiful photographs of Iceland’s volcanic rivers

At first glance this photo by Andre Ermolaev looks like a twisting abstract painting, but in reality is one of the aerial photos of rivers flowing through Iceland’s endless beds of volcanic ash. This is just a river, just a volcano, just our planet.

Abstract Earth Exhibition - Richard Woldendorp - 22/60

Glaze Inspiration - Richard Woldendorp Captures Abstract Aerial Photography of Australia

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Salt Harvesting Plant?

Photographer David Maisel - Terminal Mirage: aerial view of The Great Salt Lake in Northwestern Utah

Aerial Photography by Bernhard Edmaier

Aerial Photography by Bernhard Edmaier

Stunning Aerial Photos of Geological Formations / Bernhard Edmaier

Iceland's Volcanic Rivers  Aerial Photographs by Andre Ermolaev

Iceland's Volcanic Rivers Aerial Photographs by Andre Ermolaev

Capillaries (by Thorsten Scheuermann)

Capillaries (by Thorsten Scheuermann). Rivers from above.

Chine Rice Patties

riziéres yunnan chine (rice fields in Yunnan, China). photo by Isabelle Chauvel

Aerial Photo of Copper River Delta, Chugach National Forest-Ron Niebrugge/  this is the area that will be affected by the Copper River Mine.

Aerial Photo of Copper River Delta, Chugach National Forest-Ron Niebrugge

Clouds on the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, United States

The bird’s eye view of life. Stunning aerial photography by Katrin Korfmann.

Antarctica as seen by satellite images from the earth-observatory project of European Space agency.

A transect over the northern part of the Antarctica Peninsula acquired using the satellite’s strip map mode with a swath width of 50 miles.

35,000 feet over Dhaka, Bangladesh

feet over Dhaka, Bangladesh br wall art

Patterns of Water Meeting Earth --- beautiful -- The Sundarbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world which covers parts of India and Bangladesh by NASA