don't you know it

The Best Zodiac Facts

I do not like hypocrites but i detest fake people and backstabbers more than anything!

I often do not completely embrace the "Leo" I'm on the cusp of Cancer. But this statement rings true.

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Leo - Um hell yeah they are! I'm the most emotional ball of freaking emotions that's out is my extremely Leo daughter!

Haha so true :) I'm this way around people I don't think make loyal friendships, gossip too much, or just plain annoying! I'll talk and be nice to you, but stay away please and Thank you. ;P

a leo woman is open minded,but doesnt let people get close to her that easliy

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I did get most fashionable in high school! along with Biggest flirt and Grooviest chick! hahaha miss High school so much sometimes!