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I just fell in love with a DIY wall art project!!! Such an awesome idea!!!

12 DIY Projects to Create Lovely Wall Art

Unique DIY Handmade Wall Art Wall art projects are simply the best. They are both fun and make your rooms look absolutely amazing. Here is another really awesome Unique DIY Handmade Wall Art project.

Beautiful Female Portrait Photography by Daniel Bidiuk #photography #moodyports #portraiture

Beautiful Female Portrait Photography by Daniel Bidiuk

Beautiful Female Portrait Photography by Daniel Bidiuk #photography #moodyports #portraiture

small sun and moon tattoo design – tiny tattoos for women on the back via If you want to be unique, try getting a tiny tattoo in the middle of your back in the area right above your bra strap. While this is an uncommon area for tiny tattoos, as you can see from the image …

75 Awesome Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

Edward Gorey tarot deck

Unique Tarot Decks for Uncommon Occultists

Pamela Colman Smith illustrated the original Rider-Waite tarot deck, which originally published in Since then, it’s been the standard for mystics of all ilk.

Uncommon Objects, in Austin, TX.

d*s book tour diary: austin

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Tattoos on teeth or 'tatteeth' are rising in popularity!

Tattooed Toothums.

Wizard of Oz flying monkeys - terrified of then as a kid

once a year the Wizard of Oz would play on TV, and these monkeys scared the crap out of my daughter!

The cream and blue colors remind me of Victorian era plates, which is in complete contrast to the tattoo inspired motif.

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012

Ritual Flaying Knife, c. 1407-1410. Sino-Tibetan, Derge School, Yongle period (1403-1427)

Sino-Tibetan, Derge School, Yongle period iron alloy with gold and silver inlay, Overall: w.

Jabberwocky poem!!!! This IS my favorite poem... Maybe I need to switch tattoo ideas.

Jabberwocky tattoo on the shoulder with the little monetary peeking out from behind

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Some are not satisfied with the tattoo and want more common. Here is where the real nature tattoo artist is revealed in tattoos beyond plane. For every taste, wounds, spiders, iguanas and even some geek: