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duivekater: dutch spice bread

Duivekater (Festive Dutch Spiced Loaf)--A Lazy Bakers' Project

The Dutch Table: Honingkoek (Dutch Honey Cake)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Dutch Table

Draadjesvlees (Traditional Dutch Slow-Braised Beef)

Draadjesvlees (Traditional Dutch Slow-Braised Beef)

Draadjesvlees (Traditional Dutch Slow-Braised Beef): Draadjesvlees is ready when the meat turns tender & thready

Gebakken aardappelen (fried potatoes from the Netherlands)

Gebakken aardappelen

OMG - havent had this in a long time - Mom makes the best!  Dutch food - Hutspot (mashed potatoes with onions and carrots)

Dutch Hutspot: 2 pounds potatoes 2 pounds carrots 1 pound onions 1 tbsp real butter + extra for mash 1 tsp curry powder 2 vegetable bouillon cubes water salt

Oliebollen (Dutch Doughnuts) Recipe - New Year's Tradition!!! Yummy!  I add just a bit more milk to my recipe and also a dash of cinnamon or allspice.

Oliebollen (Dutch Doughnuts) Oliebollen are amazing! Can't wait to try this recipe. I would leave out the currants, raisins, and apples. I don't like having the fruit in my oliebollen but it is typical Dutch to have it in there.

Authentic The Dutch Table: Kroketten (Dutch Meat Kroket), ,

The Dutch Table: Kroketten (Dutch Meat Kroket) - check out this site. all kinds of dutch recipes!

Oliebollen - making this for New Years Eve!  It will be my first time attempting this Dutch treat so wish me luck!

Oliebollen -"No new years eve will ever be complete without this doughnut-like pastry that’s so firmly embedded into our Dutch culture.This is one of the better oliebollen recipes out there.

The Dutch Table: Kaas-Uien Brood (Dutch Cheese Onion Bread) RECIPE ON SITE

The Dutch Table

Kaas Uienbrood (cheese & onion bread) The Dutch Table is the most extensive online resource for traditional Dutch food recipes.

Kartoffeln einkellern - Kartoffeln im Winter

Kartoffeln richtig lagern - Tipps zum Einkellern/Einlagern

Nearly every Dutch dish contains a potato.