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Actually i wish you would!

Don't Make Me Open This Can of Whoop-Ass t-shirts and gifts. This funny vintage design makes a unique gift for a woman who's run out of patience. Check out all our humorous can of whoop-ass t-shirts.


They called me soulless…

Funny pictures about They called me soulless. Oh, and cool pics about They called me soulless. Also, They called me soulless.

we told our kids Santa is made up but Jesus is real, Then showed them fulfilled prophecies and the many amazing prayer answers I have had (some listed on jesusanswersprayer.blogspot.com) to reinforce that God is real. Its sad to tell kids that santa is real. When I found out it made me not trust my mom and dad for a very long time.

When your parents accuse you of lying to them, just remind them -The Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, & Santa Claus !

THE PERFECT PIN FOR MY BOARD AND THIS ASSIGNMENT!!! Definitely a Sociology question dealing with gender!

Want to Know What Your Toddler Is Thinking? Ask 'Philosotoddler'! (PHOTOS)

True that.

ryan gosling, channing tatum and the notebook image on We Heart It

So funny! :)

This might be my favorite pin of all time. I just read this in Forrest Gump voice


girl freaked out look face parakeet landed lands on girls head, There isn't a more accurate picture that describes my life.

Missed the boat

Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving till Sincerely, The Unicorns


"True Life: I'm In College".I'm pretty sure this sums things up for every person who has EVER.IN LIFE gone to college

That's why I never sang it to my kids...lol!!!  It's disturbing!

funny face I love you.funny face i need you.you have the sweetest face i've ever seen.


10 Best Funny Pictures With Captions

This is so evil and it really does showcase the darker sode of my sense of humor but ehhh . i'll pin it anyway funny pictures funny memes, funny images, funny kids with sayings, funny quotes and sayings