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Photos/Videos of Conservative Hispanic Society

more angry with what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Obama does with mine.i don't think so, its time for Obama to go

that's false for me. quote by dorothy parker (sorry about that dorothy - might be true for you personally)

Everything i like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, addictive, expensive or impossible essencials-for-life

Self respect.

“ Sometimes you have to try not to care, no matter how much you do, because sometime you can mean nothing to someone who means so much to you. It’s not pride. It’s self-respect.

... and when you find out I'm better at it you will come crawling back saying you're sorry.

If you show me that you don't give a fuck, i ll show you

This needs to be put on a billboard for all the guys to see!

Good advice: Don't make a girl or guy fall for you if you have no intention of catching them.

2pac just bc he was perceived as a thug doesn't mean he was not intelligent. He was very smart in his words and opinions if ppl wld just listen. Yes he had some stupid shit to say about gang crap... But thts not all he's about!!!

My most favorite quote of ALL TIME by Tupac, should read ".or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move THE FUCK on." explicit but rolls off the tongue better once you finally get to that point.

- Ashton Kutcher (click for video) http://www.agapechristiancounselingservices.org

"The sexiest thing in the world is being really smart. And being thoughtful and being generous. Be smart. Be thoughtful and be generous.

but putting yourself out there is scary

I Dream of a Woman that doesn't Hold Back Her Feelings!

Moving forward...

I choose to leave it behind me. I already worked through it and am moving on a better person. If you can't see that and accept it then I don't need your negative energy in my life.

Yed ma'am

A true friend will create a space in their life for you.

Success Dreams Picture Quote

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you, the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. - Harriet Tubman Will use for Civil War Unit

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