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and when he gets to Heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell: "Just another soldier reporting, Sir. I've served my time in Hell." For all those that have served, thank you.for my husband who has certainly served his time in Hell!


No load to heavy to carry for our men and women in uniform. US army troops in Afghanistan


I'm an American soldier, an American - Beside my brothers and my sisters I will proudly take a stand. When Liberty's in jeopardy, I will always do . lyrics "American Soldier" by Toby Keith. May God bless our military and veterans!

Simper Fi

☆ USMC:→ And God said。"Let There Be Marine" and the Devil ran in fear.

I will be strong and courageous...

A response written on a Military man's helmet to Joshua - "I will be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified or discouraged for the Lord my God is with me wherever I go".

Welcome Home - we are so happy when you return safely... words cannot express how the heart feels

Welcome Home Veterans! As republicans chant "Support Our Troops!" They've proposed cuts to your benefits, SS+ VA hospitals AND they voted AGAINST the Veterans Job Act! True support involves more than empty words.

True Camraderie

Makes me think of the part in We Were Soldiers where Hal Moore was making the speech before they go off to war, and he's saying how he'll be the first and last one on the battlefield. And he will leave NO MAN BEHIND.

Medal of Honor

Veterans Day parade NYC Youngest Medal of Honor recipient meets oldest living recipient. They include Marine Corps veteran Dakota Meyer and Nicholas Oresko, the nation's oldest living honoree.


It is the veteran.pay back time for America buy Heroes Vodka made by a veteran to support our veterans

Soldier Poem

"I Am A Soldier" - American Heroes - PS: Also, "a Mommy & a Sister". Thank you and God bless you all!


They always get a picture of the girlfriend or wife of the soldier, instead of a family member. I love this picture. It shows how much a father is proud of his son and it truly melts my heart.

That's what you get for brutally murdering photojournalists and aid workers.

Female Pilot Leads Airstrikes Against ISIS. FOX News can confirm that the first female pilot for the UAE served as the team leader in the U. led coalition airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Major Mariam Al Mansouri is the first woman to join the.


This picture is heart wrenching. Eight-year-old Christian Golczynski accepts the flag for his father, Marine Staff Sgt. Marc Golczynski, during a memorial service.