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11-18-06Getty 203

11-18-06Getty 203

get students to make architectural components with cut-out windows - (look at hundertwasser & Gaudi) then get students to paint/collage with vivid pattern & colour - students collaborate to construct a mega building with their contributions - illuminate with christmas lights and coloured cellephane yr 8-9

Imaginative Play "On the Fly"

Tower of box houses--fun! Great Team building activity / writing project: create a house mountain and write about life there.

BAROQUE INTERIORS:ALL 18TH   Hildebrandt,Lukas von  Mirror cabinet, Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden. 1711-1718.   Weissenstein Palace, Pommersfelden, Germany

What a ceiling.Baroque Interior of The Mirror Room Schloss Weissenstein Palace, Pommersfelden, Germany.

Falling Bookstore - Cologne, Germany  ©  Antony Oliver (photographer) aka  Leithcote

Ⓜ Falling Bookstore - Cologne, Germany © Antony Oliver (photographer) aka Leithcote

Eva Oertli and Beat Huber, “La main généreuse” or "The Caring hand", sculpture in Glaris, Switzerland

Beautiful and Innovative Sculpture - Love the Idea

Could be a room in Rivendell.  - Earthen accent makes dramatic statement, tree designed by Deanne Bednar.

Earth Art and Architecture - DIY

Tree walls / wall art - fantasy / fairytale home designs - Cob tree house Interior home design & decor

East Side Collective together with Drophouse Design have designed "Deep Curiosity, a light art sculpture created as a temporary installation in Texas.

This illuminated arch rises up out of the water and surrounds a foot bridge in Austin, Texas

Nice concept but it looks AWFUL there IMO, it contrasts so badly with the bridge, the buildings behind, etc

If the front door is the first impression of a home, what does an unusual door say

A Gallery of Out of the Ordinary Doors

If the front door is the first impression of a home, what does an unusual door say

Copenhagen Penthouse II by Norm Architects. An important part of the project was to minimize details such as paneling, door knobs, fittings, etc. and create a monastic, simple atmosphere that was perfect for mental relaxation after a hard and stressful day at the office, and that worked as a neutral backdrop for the more sculptural furniture.

Copenhagen Penthouse II by Norm Architects

Recesss on black TV wall. 312437292870893152 Copenhagen Penthouse II by Norm Architects

Mayan architecture in #belize

The Mayas. Maya Wedding in Belize. Mayas of Belize and Central America. Maya Temples of Belize. Maya Ruins in

Living etc. - James Theakston's townhouse

Jamie Theakston's quirky London home

Small London townhouse Living Room Decor - Elegant high ceilings Large window Vintage Danish Modern Teak Chair and Sofa Sculptural light fixture Retro Wall Art Mid Century Modern Console Cabinet Buffet Server Hutch Bar and accessories