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Hi there

According to math class, "it doesn't do to dwell on things" I have my panic attacks then.


Teenager Post Girls have periods, cramps, babies and everything else. The least a guy could do is text us first.

*Teen Post 15845*

I don't own a makeup case.all I wear is lip gloss, Mascara & Eye Liner. My only 3 Makeup items which I only wear for work.


All the time! My "friend" AKA crush. Friend hinted it to him and he asked if it was true I said yea and he said he didnt know if he felt the same way. now pretty much every convo is awkward between us.


Teenager Post I love when you text me first, cause then I know you're thinking about me.

Me pretty much everyday

This is one of the best teenager posts. Music really helps to calm me when I feel depressed. listen to your favorite song.

So true

So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs.oh wait i dont get to use my parents money


Oh, those people.those annoying, ANNOYING people! "Why do I hate you? I don't have to have a reason. Yeah, cuz I do.


I wish they didnt say teenager. I feel it and Im definitely not a teenager

Usually me

I might have a few

This is soooooooo true


Teenager Post ~ Mini M&Ms taste better than normal M&Ms… Don't even argue with me on this one.

Well, it REALLY starts around Jan when ur sick of school but summer is far

Well, it REALLY starts around Jan when ur sick of school but summer is far - Sad but true. The weeks just fly by this way. You feel bad though because you feel like you should be enjoying them instead.