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Michelle Williams wearing a pair leopard print flats with leather trousers in Brooklyn, September 2013.

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger both feline themed attire

Michelle Wiliams 내가 본 루이비통 화보 중 제일 멋졌다.

Exactly How To Create Michelle Williams's Louis Vuitton Look

if i was brave enough to go for this hair look.White blonde hair and eyeliner - Michelle Williams , Louis Vuitton

외방커뮤니티 > 헐리우드 > 냔이가 좋아하는 고전미인 그레이스 켈리 Grace Kelly (BGM)

Grace Kelly // Unknown Photographer Reminds me of photos of my mother

Michelle Williams Style & Fashion - My Week with Marilyn (Vogue.com UK)

Style File - Michelle Williams

sneakers and coke could be my style

this milanese girl, captured by the sartorialist, has a great spirit. love her tomboy style.

i love summer, but honestly, I look forward to these outfits more.

Matilda Ledger in Michelle Williams and Matilda Out in Brooklyn