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"With all the strength as a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon !" seen that movie WAY too many times !

Minds musings: October 2011

Reasons to be Fit.Yes and since nothing else in my life is changing right now there is no better time.

or when i'm 50, or 45 lol

Maintaining sanity when moving back home

reason to be fit.so when you're 60 and all your friends have to get hip replacements, you're still going strong

Reasons to be Fit #765

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This is the best way for me to look at a healthy workout regimen- to take care of myself. Not to be the skinniest or whatever, but just to take care of myself.

Reason to be fit

i hate the worry, i don't want to be model skinny but i want to feel comfortable, other skinny woman's bodies dont motivate me because thats not how MY body is. MY body will always be different than a models.

I've never thought about it this way before but if everyone, especially me, can remember this than loving yourself will come sooo much easier!!!

A point said: Crossfit is helping me to set goal for strength and healthy body versus old goals to be "stick skinny" even of the scale doesn't move or my pants don't get smaller my body will be toned and beautiful :)

Workout Mantras: Fitness: Self.com:It's not easy getting #UpnOut (especially when the couch looks just so inviting...) Resist! To help, we've rounded up a few "you got this, girl" slogans for those times you need a little extra fitspiration.

Workout Mantras That'll Get Your Butt Moving!

reason to be fit! nothing like coming back o school and getting all kind of compliments of  how i got in great shape :D loving thisss!!! starting workouts again on monday

Reason To Be Fit because you have one life, one body, and one chance to push yourself past all restraints you once thought. is your fat crying

#0603 | 'cause when i look back i can be proud of what i did do rather than be disappointed at what i did not do

Reason to be fit: 'cause when I look back I can be proud of what I did do rather than be disappointed at what I did not

Love telling Eric "I've got it." :-) this reminds me of the gladiator assault challenge! @O.B. Wellness Vik

so when you pick up something heavy, you don't need to ask the boys for help ;) submitted by motivationforfitness

reasons to be fit | Tumblr  And I sweat. Most def

So true.I don't like when girls are girlie when I workout and say I am glowing or glisten.NO I am stinky and sweat. I love working out.