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Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

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Bring her in. She has my nose. reminds me of scorch trials

Too funny! Anyways if you want to work at home to get to spend more time with your cute kids pin this one

Bebek İsyanlarda

Probably not how she pictured this coming out. Probably not how she pictured this coming out. Probably not how she pictured this coming out.


"'Sit back down, please Burris,'" "'You try and make me, missus'" (Lee Indirect characterization: Burris is stubborn This shows that Burris is stubborn by refusing to listen to the teachers simple directions.

*Flosses teeth with enough force to move an SUV* *Gums bleed* "YOU AREN'T FLOSSING ENOUGH".

My dentist. Fucker.

Funny pictures about Scumbag dentists. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag dentists. Also, Scumbag dentists photos.

Hahaha classic!!!!

Chipmunk trying to hid fact it has two huge nuts in its cheeks, with caption of the look: When you've started eating and someone says Let's say grace, and starts praying.

Right In The Childhood...

Those are Andy's mom's toys, they have the same name as we do. - this made me laugh much more than I should have.

just stop

Photo: Just stop talking- I am sure whatever you are going to say can wait until you are smarter!

hahaha I cannot handle this.

Kid Saves Fish From Drowning

Aww hahaha poor fish but this girl is so cute. Haha I feel so bad for her and the fish.


Any fan of Mythbusters will know that Jamie Hyneman is really a Walrus in a man suit. However we finally now have this damning evidence to prove it!

Funny Wedding Ecard: Oh you want to be invited to the wedding? Sure! Let me take money out of the bank that is my ass.

@ Wedding Day Pins : You're Source for Wedding Pins!Wedding Day Pins : You're Source for Wedding Pins!