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Tutorial para fazer uma técnica bem bacana de unhas marmorizadas.

Inspiração: Franjas

water marble nail tutorial Other Pinner said : I've done this before & it turned out great. The thing you should remember is the water in the cup should be room temperature & make sure to put tape around your nails before :)

Unha Decorada no Provador - Dicas de Mulher

Put a little of the "circle" color on a piece of paper. Dip the end of a straw in it. Press straw to paper to get rid of some of the excess, then transfer the color to nail with a rotating movement.

Veja dicas para fazer as unhas em casa e inspire-se em algumas imagens de nail art

53 unhas decoradas: melhores fotos para se inspirar

Teal nails with accent cross and silver nail. Normally not a fan of such girly nails but this is cute. Love the color.

.all the steps

Animal Print French Manicure - DIY - im going to have to try this with the girls!

Tutorial: Remover esmalte usando cola escolar como base

Tutorial: Remover esmalte usando cola escolar como base

I've had hard to remove glitter polish, this may work!-NW Elmer's glue works as a base coat for that hard to remove glitter polish.


Purple Butterfly Nail Design With Leopard Prints. Cute but I would do either or, not both these designs at once.

Маникюр | Видео уроки | Art Simple Nail

Decorating nails is an incredible art! But have you ever wondered how such a small canvas can look so creative and how big impact it can have on the whole Tap the link now to find the hottest products for Better Beauty!

A very pretty spring nail art design. Starting with a green gradient base color, white flower details are then painted on top. This creates a warm and vibrant vibe for your nails. Love them!