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Yogi kitty

I will not look at kitten pictures! I will not look at kitten pictures. I will spend my life looking at kitten pictures if I look at even one. This lil guy reminds me of my Benny!

I love me some orange kitties

The happy family complete. More of this 'Cuteness Overload'-series: CatStack I Ukkie and his Big Brothas Brother Luv CatStack II


Snoopy the Exotic Shorthair - is this cat even real?

You'll never get them to pose like this again!

More kitty windows. magicalnaturetour: Photo by cruglov serezha :)


The 20 Stages Of Your Work Christmas Party

The cutest hipster is a furry hipster! Check out these hip animals, esp love - Hipster Animals

by Christina Schittle

Blue eyes cat, by Christina Schulte (pastel painting), so realistic work and beautiful cat.

Blanco ynegro

"A thing of beauty. Strength and grace lies behind that whiskered face. my cat would never stand for this lol my cat would never stand for this lol

Картинки по запросу котики

Schrödinger's microbe: physicists plan to put living organism in two places at once. A radical demonstration of quantum theory could see a bacterium suspended in an uncertain state similar to that famously endured by Schrödinger’s cat

Travel'n home~

Curious about what it’s like to travel across Japan? the "Cutest Adventurers of Japan.