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Cone Nebula, an animated

Black brushes.

my well loved brushes in my studio are "my pop-pop's" sometimes i use them, sometimes i just look at the paint left on them from his hand, and smile :)

A humpback whale, trapped in the curse of a cruel wizard, swims through the murky forest. Seeking his own kind, yet never to find them, he's lonely here. Misused magic is an abomination.

What's a humpback whale doing in the forest?

A humpback whale. in the forest? short video made by Gentleman Scholar for Whales and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is so striking, you have to see it (make sure to watch in HD and full-screen mode)

Personalized honey favors  http://www.bubbyandbean.com/2011/10/diy-tutorial-personalized-honey-favors.html

Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively: DIY Tutorial >>> Vintage Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

there aren't words.  Love the seam going up his neck, too. O.o

The World's Most Awkward Taxidermy--Vietnamese zombie horse

James Dean

Astros americanos em exposição!

View James Dean by Russell Young on artnet. Browse more artworks Russell Young from Andrew Weiss Gallery.

Svetlana Tiourina

Amsterdam, The Netherlands artist Svetlana Tiourina