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USA Olympic Drinking Team - It's a gold medal in London in for sure!

Growing old with your best friend...priceless

Reminder: your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband. I'm lucky to have Great and crazy cool friends but I want my hubby around for a long long long time to come as he is my "best" friend

Hummm~ this makes me think of someone in particular . . . .

So- fun story. Some people have told my boyfriend that he looks like Ryan Gosling. At this very moment, we're in PJs onthe couch, rubbing eachother's feet and I was showing him the house ideas I had pinned earlier.

Class in a glass

keep telling yourself that--it's also the drink of choice for many homeless people, hence the term "wino" for a homeless alcoholic. i'd rethink the whole "classy" part.

Barbie & Ken

Barbie and Ken's wedding photos . This is happily ever after Barbie! Wedding Barbie and Ken. Marriage is between 2 people not 3 Trailer Trash Barbie Grace Chabot lol.

Don't know if they're real, Don't know that I like them, uuuhm... I just don't know? Do you?    This just in.... Made by German designer Iris Shieferstein, the footwear is actually created from body parts of dead animals. She uses horse hooves and skin, snake skin and even whole dead birds as decorations. Can you say YUCK!!!!    A side note question, what's the difference in this and a fur coat, calf skin jacket, Leather purse, snake skin boots, etc... just the hooves???

Funny pictures about Hoof Heels. Oh, and cool pics about Hoof Heels. Also, Hoof Heels.


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"There's a chance this is vodka" water bottle

awesome water bottle - "there's a chance this is vodka", probs appropriate for when I'm a new mom!

You sir.......

Tim Tebow xD, thank God their are still people who stand up for their faith.


Check out this funny picture of Will Smith in the famous TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This makes me laugh so hard, primarily because I totally agree lol

girl freaked out look face parakeet landed lands on girls head, There isn't a more accurate picture that describes my life.

Not everyone likes me. ..but not everyone matters

Not everyone likes me.but not everyone matters! Lucille Ball I Love Lucy


reminder: your girlfriends will outlive your husband Then again.your girlfriend may run off with your husband.and her friendship :(