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By Ontwerpduo

Designer Spotlight: Ontwerpduo // Once Upon A Time with Tallow // via photo by Joost van Brug

five wall-mounted contraptions that use natural materials, like wood, glass, rice, and water, to keep food fresh the old-fashioned way. There’s a sand box for storing root vegetables vertically, which apparently makes them last longer, wooden fruit box that exploits the ethylene gas apples emit naturally to prevent neighboring potatoes from sprouting up all over the place, spice bottles with built-in rice packets that absorb humidity and keep the contents dry.

A System For Preserving Food The Ancient Way: Green And Electricity-Free

a non-refrigerator way to preserve food (using wood, glass, rice, sand + water) [jihyun ryou]

倉敷意匠計画室×点と線模様製作所 レースナプキン (road sideから) 20枚セット

倉敷意匠計画室×点と線模様製作所 レースナプキン (road sideから) 20枚セット

Unique Home Architecture

Sassafras rocking settee - this bench is begging for a cozy couple and a bottle of Cotes du Rhone, we reckon.

Image result for prayer in the forest

Image result for prayer in the forest

feeldesain Re-imagining Reality2

Re-imagining Reality

Cake ramp by Brock Davis. Brock Davis is a Minneapolis-based artist and creative director with a knack for creating ground-breaking work. Brock has worked in advertising for the past 17 years. When he isn’t busy making ads he’s busy making other things.

3D Walls Made From Timber Dowels and Paper Pipes. | Yellowtrace — Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Lifestyle & Design Culture Blog.

3D Walls Made From Timber Dowels and Paper Pipes

DIGIT by Yoshimasa Tsutsumi - 10000 stacked square paper pipes like moveable drawers

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of anything against a bright background, no doubt you’ve run into this problem. Either the background is just right but your subject is TOO DARK, or your subject is fine, but the background is TOO BRIGHT. It’s hard to take pictures in this tricky lighting situation because …

How to Brighten a Dark Subject on a Light Background

Fairy Tale Mood

art, fashion and words that evoke a fairy tale mood when you want to escape to Wonderland for a.

A table that forces people to eat together. But more importantly to both be done at the same time.

The idea behind Marleen Jansen’s See Saw Table is that it helps ensure that everyone stays at the table until the meal is finished. Of course, the meal will conclude pretty quickly when someone vomits or dad sits across from a 3 yr old kid.

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hi I made a new board anatomy & tutorials for artists. comment this pin to be added to the board. have a nice day join us http://pinterest.com/koztar/cg-anatomy-tutorials-for-artists/

Human Anatomy for Artists - How to draw a man - how to draw muscles - great drawing reference for comic and manga (is it me or does he look like e Greek statue?