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Funny Music Ecard: No, Katy Perry, I have actually never felt like a plastic bag before.

Haha I have thought this every time I hear the song Firework. A plastic bag? Drifting through the wind waiting to start again? That makes ALOT of sense!

Drawing Adele. Bee hive hairstyle, check.

Best draw something picture ever. Why cant I draw like this with my apparently fat finger?

haha I literally laughed out loud at work at this!

This is definitely my mom, the nurse, during flu season. She once forced a college boyfriend to get a flu shot the first time I brought him home with me.

Yep, have often found myself wondering if they shrank them and just kept the name.

Growing up sucks.

Funny pictures about Sometimes growing up sucks. Oh, and cool pics about Sometimes growing up sucks. Also, Sometimes growing up sucks photos.

Uhh... No kidding! Pretty sure this happens to me all the time.

My freaking dilemma every time my sister or mom or dad doesn't answer there phones.

too true

ashamed to say that I have caught myself doing this while studying many times :D. Even staring at a wall becomes interesting while studying

That awkward moment

The awkward moment when you find out your toys have made 3 movies behind your back.

So, where do we sign up to make that a reality? And while we're at it, throw it in the skinny-jean-wearin guys..

The YOLOcaust

The YOLOcaust this is terrible. and im laughing. im a bad person.

Pop-tarts in the china cabinet and pirates booty in my room.


YA, try Mothers Post Gotta hide the good stuff or my girls will eat it all in one day!