Whhhoooaaa.... :o

I always assumed it was squirt + turtle, because he's a water Pokemon. But I want a squirrel turtle.

#2 is a lie!!!! Bulbasaur never evolved nor did he want to evolve! Fix your mistake... BULBASAUR RULES!

Funny Pokemon Facts I think since Bulbasaur didn't evolve, Squirtle doesn't count as the only none-evolved. Also, someone forgot Pikachu didn't evolve either.


This is exactly what happened to me. I was scared to battle it because I didn't have any poke balls but then it said that it just joined my team and I screamed. And while This happened my dads friends were over so it just became weird

The Team Leaders are back at it again

The Team Leaders are back at it again

I thought it was going to be Homestuck because you know "Frogs" and "Travel through space and time" thing

Wait how can this be the same Swampert from the original Sapphire someone explain

getting real tired of your crap Ash

Uhhhh wat

getting real tired of your crap Ash <<< Ash is beautiful and I love him so much

Pokemon shaming Good. #pokemonjokes

Pokemon shaming Good. #pokemonjokes

Interesting Theory about Pokemon... Wait What ?!? .. Ash isn't Real !?! .. 'o.0' !!!

Interesting theory about Pokemon