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James Lillis of Australia-based clothing shop Black Milk has designed Muscle Leggings, a pair of leggings that look like exposed leg muscle flesh.

Uh. Muscle leggings?

Muscle Print Women Spandex Leggings Showing off your muscle tone. Wearing these.

Mechanical Bones White Leggings

Mechanical Bones White Leggings

Mechanical Bones White Leggings › Black Milk Clothing perfect condition size S sold!

Black Milk Anatomist Leggings 8

Hot CrissCross Tights

I've always wanted to be a skeleton for halloween! Leg Bone Leggings by James Lillis for blackmilkclothing: Literally leggings! Made in Australia

Sick of men leggings xs- sample 40 AUD

Sick of Men Leggings

Medium Sick of Men Leggings › Black Milk Clothing

I Need The #DeathStar Dress by Black Milk Clothing #Blackmilkclothing

Death Star Dress

I love this dress because it looks like a vague abstract design until you realize what it is. Unfortunately their lare is like a 10 :( Death Star Dress › Black Milk Clothing

Galaxy Black Shooter by Black Milk Clothing

Galaxy Black Shooter

tetris leggings ftw!     if i ever get married, following the ceremonies and celebrations, i want my wife to change out of her dress, put these on, and for us to go dancing all night long.      dream it.  live it.

Tetris Leggings

Funny pictures about Tetris leggings. Oh, and cool pics about Tetris leggings. Also, Tetris leggings photos.

funda iPhone

Omniscient Siri by SaGa Design is an iPhone case inspired by Apple’s Siri digital assistant. The case won the design category in a competition to determine what Siri looks like, hosted by rapid manufacturing website Shapeways.