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kitty by KittyABC

what sweet peanuts (filed under puppy love because i sometimes call my own cats puppy)


Russian blue kitten paws up happy smile>> I have a friend from Russia that goes to my school and he makes this exact face!

1st Steps in Big New World (Feral Kitten - Greece) ~ thrumyeye

Steps in Big New World (Feral Kitten - Greece) ~ thrumyeye

Missing Cat? Check These Popular Hiding Spots First

Wherever you are When you're looking for your cat, check all the regular spots first, then start getting creative. Here are some common hiding places: In an

birthday cat by joy the baker, via Flickr

Joy the Baker makes homemade cat treats with brown rice flour and baby food.


Little white kitten staring lovingly. Has green eyes. Cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes.

~☆҉‿ℒℴνℯ´⁀☆҉ ~

Sometimes you can't see white cats because they are in the snow.