Tranquility by coupleofkooks

This will never happen, but I guess anyone who has a mage OC in the Dragon Age universum has to go through this kind of fantasy sooner or later.

Akkarin by on @DeviantArt

The Black Magician trilogy fanart (though i'm not a big fan of it and there is my first sketch of him, where he looks too old :-\ Akkarin

Profil - Kroniki Fallathanu TGF - Prawdziwy mmoRPG w przeglądarce

m Rogue Thief or Bard Aelric - human fighter/rogue portrait Having grown up on a ship he has since turn to a like of adventure and fortune.

Bo Duvahl by on @DeviantArt

Another of my more realistic portraits for The Whaler Girl. This is Bo, he is Eidy's best friend during childhood and occasional sweetheart as they tran.