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hex LOOP earrings, need these!

Belle Noel Leather Pyramid Stud Earrings

Belle Noel Leather Pyramid Stud Earrings available at

pretty sure i need these TB tortoise studs

Tory Burch 'Rylan' Logo Stud Earrings | Nordstrom

my girl, Tory has done it again.

Chanel Earrings | Vintage Chanel Earrings - CC Logo Twist Lock

Chanel earrings, just love vintage

I wonder how much this would cost to get made at the local jewelry story

Blue and gold cuff zig zag bracelet

a chevron/arrow inspired necklace! too freakin cool!

I'm not normally a fan of chevrons but I like this !

I love!!

The perfect accent to any royal gameday dress

Made Her Think  Dame Stud Earrings

Dame Stud Earrings

Dame Stud Earrings - want

Mint Flower Studs: http://shoplemonstripes.com/products/flower-studs-mint

Swell Stud Earrings by Loren Hope

> pinterest: ellemartinez99 <

Herkimer Diamond and Gold stud earrings by NestedYellow

Eternity | Continuity | Salvation     The Ankh Wrap Expandable Wire Bangle is an ancient, Egyptian cross symbolizing eternal life. It celebrates the Divine Feminine, the Holy Masculine and communion. Unity of feminine and masculine

Ankh Wrap = Eternity - Continuity - Salvation My heart aches for this one!

Circle Logo Earring

Tory Burch Circle Logo Earring

Tory Burch Circle Logo Earring on wish list

White Odette Teardrop Earrings | Emma Stine Jewelry Set

White Odette Teardrop Earrings on Emma Stine Limited

Regina has created a whimsical collection of accessories from the stories, objects, and novelties that make this world magical. Her imagination and curiosity shines through in each handmade piece. I love all of her stuff.

Transformer Zipper Bracelet - wonder if I could make this?

sparkles <3

pretty apricot dare earrings want these!