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forget the risk and take the fall, if its what you want then it is worth it all #courage

Forget the risk and take the fall, if it's what you want, then it's worth it all. I took the fall and fell so hard for you and trust me it was worth it. I want you to fall for me now.

Oh yes

"Sweetheart, the right guy will make you a priority. If you find yourself feeling like you're not good enough, it's because he's not good enough." - Steve Maraboli The right guy will make you his everything


Don't be afraid to give yourself everything you've ever wanted in life. This is so nice.

so true. life has many ways of testing a person's will.

Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all of by having everything happen all at once.Paulo Coelho SO TRUE!

Power in being carefree

There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do - Amy Poehler (I need to remember this. I care way too much about what other people think of me.

...just a simple country gurl...

Staying Strong - even if you can't smile - God will just keep watching from above- He knows your intentions- Stay Strong

Whatever's good for your soul...do that.

No Excuses.

Its hard to let go but if it is not a healthy relationship (family or not) for your own sanity & well being you have to let them go.

Its hard to let go but if it is to much of your efforts and only cause you to feel sad let them go. This is a very true quote and something we should all learn to do and accept.

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Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute life quotes quotes quote life inspirational quotes life lessons work hard life sayings productive

10 reasons why #blogging is like wearing a thong via DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE #blog @Design The Life You Want To Live

10 reasons why blogging is like wearing a thong

I want to print this out and pass it around the whole world. Some people seem to forget that words hurt.