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Wojapi - Traditional Native American Berry Dish - Kaya would have eaten a lot of berries. I may make this with frybread.

Wojapi is a thick berry sauce. If your berries are ripe and tasty, there is no need to add additional sweeteners. Traditionally, Wojapi is not made with cornstarch, flour or sugar.

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This is the second offering from Lori Howarth – her first offering was a photographic one here. Lori’s ancestry is partly of North American Indian, hence this soup recipe.

One of the most famous corn recipes throughout history is the Johnnycake, or corncake/hoecake, which was taught to the original setters by the Pawtuxet Indians. Over the years this cornmeal flatbread has been baked in an open fire among the ashes, in ovens and over a flame or stove in a cast iron skillet.  historical cooking native american corn recipes Education Possible

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Native American inspired breakfast dish that goes well with game breakfast sausage and real fresh maple syrup.

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Three Sisters Succotash _Succotash, which is a Native American dish, came from the Narragansett word, “msíckquatash,” which means, “boiled corn.” But it doesn’t denote just boiled corn–it is corn and lima beans, another native food, boiled together. (Often boiled together in a tightly woven basket–one that is so finely wrought that it could hold water.

Three Sisters Succotash _Succotash, which is a Native American dish, came from…



Wojapi - Traditional Native American Berry Dish

2 hours
Vegetarian, Gluten free ∙ Serves 12
  • 6 cup Berries, Fresh
  • 1 Honey
Baking & Spices
  • 1 tbsp Cornstarch
  • 1 cup Water

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