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Black cat

Look at this gorgeous black cat! A tribute to the beautiful black cats who once owned us. Jake, Tom and Tess

"Catnip? What catnip?"

You see these eyes? These are my crazy eyes. I get like this every time the dog try's to take my toy. MY precious. As you see, the dog is no where in sight. Now Walk away.

Happy Alpaca  I still want one or two or....

You like my scarf?" Fuzzy Alpaca Yarns - Photo by Michele Woods

Totes true! I LOVE LLAMAS!!!!!! But how can you keep calm when you are in love with llamas?????

30+ Pictures of Llamas with Caption that Very Cute,Funny and Awasome



Where did saturday go?

Funny pictures about How my weekends usually go. Oh, and cool pics about How my weekends usually go. Also, How my weekends usually go.

sexy ostrich

sexy ostrich by Houssem Bensalem

Cat: Moody, wants attention when they want, not when you want, like to be spanked and petted, like to watch what is going on around them, insatiably curious, un-tameable, love to lay wherever it is comfortable, no matter how odd that may be, want to sleep close to you (or someplace warm and comfortable), drawn to things that move quickly, like to eat meat and gnaw on bones, fastidious about appearance (the only one that I don't have or that is not in tune right now?)

60 Things You Absolutely Have To Do This Summer

What an excellent picture here. The color and focus on this cat's eye is intense.