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this was my life before having a kid! Oh the joys of being a night person. And it takes months to get on a normal sleep schedule, but just one day of going to bed late and you fall right back into being awake all night! Story of my life.

It happens

There are plenty of fish in the sea. I just suck at fishing! For me its the complete opposite I catch like 10 fish

Have YOU ever sprinted down an enormous flight of castle stairs in the middle of the night in a big poofy ball gown while wearing high heels made of glass? I didnt think so.

hate math | Hate math !!! | Tee Hee and Giggle!

Teenager Post Yes. Because everyone buys 6 cars, then drivers each for 17 hours, exept for three, those were driven for twelve. And takes a fifteen minute nap In between each one.

Too true

The definition of Studying. This is the way my daughter would study and she was an excellent student. I needed complete silence, go figure!

dont you mean how many cupcakes can shaquieliajaquelinesharzanamentholtina buy with one human soul--------- that's about right

If you hate math tests, you’ll feel the same pain…<<<Oh, just so we all know, you can't buy cupcakes with human souls. The human souls taste much better than any cupcake.


Funny pictures about Janitors Having Fun. Oh, and cool pics about Janitors Having Fun. Also, Janitors Having Fun photos.

My brain wastes the day and saves all the deep stuff for night. Thanks, brain, for thinking nonstop

Haha, maybe that's why I'm so good at getting work done late at night? Made me giggle! Not sure what the potato potato Ching Chong tomato is about but it made me giggle!

Sloth life motto, also my new phone background

Sloth life motto

Nap all day, sleep all night, party never! Yup, livin the good life like a boss! I mean, a sloth!


this is my life.always stepping on kitty cat tails and puppy dog feet!

You just realized

its so true. this is why im skinny. we never get fast food or i guess i should sat fat food

Good comeback, but I don't think I would talk back to my teacher

Good comeback there. If i said this in english, the teacher would be super mad! I be hanging out in the principals office or in the hall!

Emma's note: This is scarily accurate...this has been my life for the past two days

10 lies you tell yourself in an all nighter.was guilty of all of these at least once in college.