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If you find a man who is willing to spend money on endless balls of fibrous material, wear the sweaters and socks you crochet him, and do so without complaining- you marry that man. Unless you can marry Ryan Gosling. Always marry Ryan Gosling.

It's Ryan Gosling...who cares if he has a man tank on!

I have a thing for guys with glasses. I have a thing for Ryan Gosling *sigh*

go right on ahead. :)

20 Years In The Life Of Sarah Michelle Gellar

( my mouth dropped open) I literally stopped thinking and was like ..... Do I have a sewing table????

I don't even get Ryan Gosling but this is hilarious. My sewing table isn't sturdy, but my cutting table? Oh yeah baby.

Ryan Gosling - Hey girl hey!

Once word got out that Ryan Gosling likes to knit, Internet memes popped up everywhere.

Hey Girl Let's get Unethical.

HAHAHA I literally just did this to hubby! 'Attachment Parenting Ryan Gosling' Loves Breastfeeding, Slings, Co-Sleeping &

i do like cuddling :) and gender is totally a social construct. ryan is so smart :)

Meme Alert: Feminist Ryan Gosling Knows You're a Woman (Not a Girl)

11 Awesome Examples Of Feminist Ryan Gosling Hey girl, Ryan wants you to understand that he gets the pressures society puts on you as a woman.

This is me. I have enough patterns and yarn for projects for the rest of my life.  Ooh! Yarn!

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: What do you mean I have enough yarn? Have you seen my Pintrest boards? It's like you don't even know me anymore!

I have way too much yarn as it is but I will continue to buy!

Free, Cry For Help Ecard: "I won't buy any more yarn until I use up all the yarn I have at home," I said. Then I laughed and I laughed.

I agree.    But also, this sounds like my "hipster voice".

Arent arbitrary beauty archetypes steeped in historically biased ideologies pumped out to us by archaic forms of media the reason that girls like Ryan Gosling so much?