I'm just a sucker for a back of the neck tattoo. And for tiny cameras. This woman could totally scam me for money, is what I'm saying.

Would be cute as a I know why the caged bird sings with the cage closed with. Music notes coming out then have the cage open with the birds flying away

My newest tattoo :)

My newest tattoo :), I saw this product on TV and have already lost 24 pounds…

40 Genuinely Awesome Bird Tattoos You'll Want On Your Skin

Its a black bird, branching off into a tree. I chose this piece because it represents the death. Black birds represents death and mourning. therefore the bird flying away is a new life being born; hence the tree which symbolizes a new life.


Free heart tattoo We love this heart tat! Simple and cute, this "free" heart tattoo is one of the best heart tattoos for girls out there.

Infinity sister tattoos Tattoo is not only a great way to express individuals but also a nice way to show union of friends or sisters. Sisters can be fun and aggravating, but the bonds between siblings are unbreakable. Many sisters… Continue Reading →