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I hope Snooki doesn't have problems delivering her baby. She'd hate to hear the doctor say, "we have a little Situation here".

I don't even watch Jersey Shore or care about Snooki.but this is hilarious!

Haha...the mint falls in when it opens.... we may attach a "Thank You For the Awesome Work- The Class of 2015

Mentos prank: when the drinker twists the lid to open it, the string is no longer taut and the mento falls into the soda and explosion occurs. Great idea for April Fools! Omg how funny!

Modern Kids Will Never Have to Think About…

10 Things Kids Today Never Have To Worry About

Losing virginity

Damn right! Dave Chapelle has once again proven his wisdom. Too many young girls giving it up too early!


Funny pictures about I didn't get this joke when I was little. Oh, and cool pics about I didn't get this joke when I was little. Also, I didn't get this joke when I was little.

Who needs a half bag of chips when you are all the way full

So Disappointing

A Push Up Bra Is Like A Bag Of Chips, You Open It And It's Half Empty. hahhahahahahahahha that is to all the girls who only where push up.