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destiel I care about you by Tsuki-Nekota on deviantART

the angels we actually liked except the last one Lucifer is tied with Castiel as my favorite

Lucifer is tied with Castiel (black wings, rebels)

Spoilery, sorta, for S8 finale. Au-ish. Angels are falling by ~EspadaDina on deviantART

Spoilers for Sacrifice. "Angels are falling" ~EspadaDina on deviantART O.o *whispers* Scorched wings Please comment below if you know the feels associated with 'scorched wings'

Hey Cas by Nile-kun.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hey Cas by Nile-kun on deviantART first panel dean is with a chik and is all cool , but with cas he goes really nervous 😍


I don't ship Destiel. << I do and this is FANTASTIC oh my god Castiel < "Just for Dean" xD


NOOOOOOOOOOOO<<<<I know this isn't acceptable but , did you noticed that he doesn't even had to name somebody! We all knew who was ment even if you don't ship destiel.

Destiel Fanart by Tsuki-Nekota... Omg hahah

Destiel Fanart by Tsuki-Nekota. I've no words for how much I love this hahah <<cas is so serious, like I thought he would be

Destiel Fanart______i REMEBERD that one time Sam used the name agent Gabriel (as in the trickser)and dean was agent Collins (as in misa Collins the person who plays castiel)---;)

Sometimes Destiel Fanart is the funniest thing, even if you don't ship it, it's pretty hilarious quite honestly.

It hurts by Tsuki-Nekota

It hurts human cas by ~Tsuki-Nekota on deviantART

Day 16: During their morning ritual (Destiel) by *Nile-kun on deviantART

Day During their morning ritual (Destiel) by Nile-kun on deviantART Hahahahaha, OMG, Cas face!