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hotlinetrot  http://wolkentanzerfarm.com/index.php/sales/em-edessia-2/

hotlinetrot http://wolkentanzerfarm.com/index.php/sales/em-edessia-2/

Mature Sabino (n/Sb1) horse. Note the roaning also affects the face and legs, unlike true roan. The "splashy" white markings are also characteristic of sabino. (A homozygous sabino would be Sb1Sb1, 'n' denotes the absence of the allele) - Nix Alba

This horse is tested positive for This is a common expression of the gene. Genetically, this horse is Ee aa Equine Color Genetics 101 - Heaven's Gait Farm TWH's & SSH's

Airs above the ground...

Breathtaking Arabians Breeding Horse Photography by Wojtek Kwiatkowski. From the magical photos of Arabian and Andalusian horses of Wojtek Kwiatkowski lite

kerritsandapples:  charmingtorri:  Top or flop ?  seriously i want this. everything in this photo is perfect

Huge uphill movement in this canter. Can't even imagine what this horse would look like in the canter pirouette

Gosse d'Avril, not an Arabian horse.

Gosse d'Avril, not an Arabian horse.

Exciting 2015 filly sired by Aloha Acres Little Skylite. With his first major foal crop on the ground, it won't be long until these babies are the talk of the show ring! Offered by Mini Horse Sales

2015 Miniature Horse fillies for sale in the USA and Canada

Knabstrupper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Knabstrupper or Knabstrup is a Danish breed of horse with an unusual range of coat coloration. Coat patterns range from solid to a full leopard spotted coat with many variants in between.

Friesian Horse ~ This is an AMAZING video. You wont close your mouth the whole time you watch! AWESOME!!!

The KFPS Royal Friesian Horses. They dance when they walk. It is really sad when a horse has better hair than most humans. I wonder if they use Tail and Mane?