I'm so in love with this tattoo!!

Back Piece tattoo. Artist: Rom Azovsky Fox / foxtattoo / angel / wings / nature / fly away -- this tattoo is gorgeous and all but right now all I can think of is "what does the fox say?" But still, absolutely beautiful.

Love the heart

The only thing I had to include was the beaded heart and a hot air balloon ☺ tomorrow for a forearm

Earth Hot Air Balloon by Cavellucci

48 Incredible Hot Air Balloon Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is a rose with the words RIP Grandma inside. This tattoo took about 45 minutes. The most paint occurred at the bottom of the tattoo. The tattoo

Hot Air Ballon Black and White I want a hot air balloon tattoo so badly.

Hot air balloon tattoo but needs to be colorful - just one balloon would suffice and probs a better placement

So I'm not much of a tattoo person, but I would totally get a hot air balloon sleeve.

house sparrow tattoo - Google Search

Half Sleeve Bird and Flowers Tattoo - this one is very close to what I think I want, but in color! At least, for the bird part :) I'd want to switch up the bleeding hearts for another flower.