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These people were in danger ( just as well this large shark wasn't a white shark then !

Two-Headed Shark Fetus Caught Off The Florida Keys.  Double trouble

A two-headed shark fetus was caught off the Florida Keys. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a great white shark was recently caught off the coast of Florida. We even found out that great white .

there are other fish in the sea... - (deep sea)(sea life) - #fish #deepsea #sealife

Deep-sea fish:Strange creatures of the sea… >>> imagine your just diving down there, and you turn around and then BAM! Hatchet fish in your face!

shark attack in sandiego | Great White Shark In Photo Among San Diego Surfers Raises Questions ...

WATCH: 'Jaw-Dropping' Photo Of Shark In San Diego Waters Among Surfers

They're so vicious, they even kill sharks! Look at this! Look at it! Does it look like a "gentle" animal to you?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

Manatees can be so vicious, they even kill sharks! Does it look like a "gentle" animal to you !


Sharks Are Far Less Scary With Human Teeth. 18 Pics of sharks with teeth. Pictures of sharks with people teeth. Funny photos of sharks with human teeth bite

Great White Shark Breach At False Bay - Cape Town, South Africa

Great white shark breach, False Bay

Great White Shark Breach At False Bay - Cape Town, South Africa.i will not be going to south africa.

shark approaching surfer boy

I've always wanted to learn to surf, and I am an eternal beach bum, and have had the opportunity all of my life. This picture right here says it all of why Ive never went surfing with my friends =( Sharkaphobia please go away soon.

Do not fall off your board...

Paddle Surfing with a Great Shark, South Africa. I'm dying to go paddle surfing anywhere.


Camp Cody, New Mexico, 650 officers and enlisted men of the Auxiliary Remount Depot No a cavalry unit, created this human horse head in tribute to the horses lost in WWI.

Sharks are so misunderstood..,

Helpful shark

funny caption photo guy hanging from cliff don't worry dude i'll catch you shark

Shark Loses a Tooth

Seal-eating Shark's Flying Tooth Caught on Film - NBC News