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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Active, energetic and friendly these are just a few words to describe one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Goldens are intelligent, eager to please and love to play and run with children. The “Buddy” franchise movies aid i


Golden retrievers relax after swimming in a cold Lake Tahoe while attending Camp Winnaribbun, a week-long dog camp.

So cute

Golden Retriever is mother to a nest of abandoned bunnies. My Golden Retriever did the exact same thing!

Our blonde labrador retriever puppies were born early this morning!! They are in Lakeland and we can go see them whenever we want!! We get the 3rd pick. There are 6 females and two males. 2 of the puppies died a few hours later:( We can go get our puppy December 22!! (The picture above isn't of the puppy, its just something i found on pinterest)

And what does a puppy have to do with a Harbinger? Enticement for my daughters to come live with me in my tiny house.

Golden Retrievers :)

Dogs seem to have it all these days with special bakeries dedicated to them, haute couture, along with special doggie daycares and hotels. With this in mind, it isn't surprising that the next big thing for dogs would be their very own online exposition

he knows you don't mind because he had such a good time

"What Mud? I didn't go near the mud." This is what Abby and Chester would look like every time it rained. Mom would get so angry:-)

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