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It happens alllll to much! Yes, I have a window. No, I don't need 50 people to say "Oh, look! It's snowing!"

Weather watcher

This made me laugh bc it reasonably assumes that everyone who works in an office has windows.however, I work in an office without windows.not even joking.

Beginning band

Pumpkin spice is back, and it's more prominent than ever. You can find weird products featuring this fall flavor. Here's a list of pumpkin spice products.

I deal with "Card Members" not customers... and daily I'm reminded that Member is a euphemism for DICK. So. Fitting.

Sometimes the customer is just an asshole. Like seriously an asshole

OMG: this is so me!!!! LOL excuse the curse word,,, but I tell my fiancè all the time I can't wait to get this & that monogrammed! A big R is gonna be everywhere!! :D :P

Ideas for Decorating with Monograms

Free and Funny Weddings Ecard: When we get married I'm gonna monogram the shit out of everything we own.

Food service. You can't deal with other humans  provide a service for them unless you expect to be disappointed. Those that surprise you - they are the reason you do what you do as a job.

I haven't always hated people. Many years in customer service made me this way. And too many years as the Customer Service Manager Completely ruined me.

Front Door

Christmas Door Swag with a LED Candle Lantern - a way to light up your door. {twenty}something: How to Make Christmas Garland

Insanity! I'll be taking insanity classes at my gym-Lifetime Fitness. FYI: If you are a member they are free!

Lmao so true.this is the ending of a day of insanity.Hardest workout I have ever done.

Hey buds

Hey buds

Funny pictures about Hey buds. Oh, and cool pics about Hey buds. Also, Hey buds photos.

High Dogs Collection

high dogs, funny dog memes, dogs high on weed but like why is the ball

There isn't any.....  Sorry but I don't say ain't and I don't speak incorrectly

You're fucking crazy. Ain't no medicine for that shit. Ain't that the truth!

It just isn't Christmas unless you push your body to the brink of alcholism and diabetes.

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: It just isn't Christmas unless you push your body to the brink of alcholism and diabetes.