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Light Pink Cotton Classic Lolita Dress

Unique, Elegant Designer Light Blue Cotton Classic Lolita Dress for Full Selection of classic lolita dresses, Tailor Made, Fast Shipping. Buy Light Blue Cotton Classic Lolita Dress Now!

Sacre Bleu!

I love sweet lolita! The dresses are expensive, but get me lolita accessories and I'm a happy girl! What about this pretty dress for the mall, Mistress Rebecca, msjanexx

Surface Spell Dark Prints High Waist Lolita Skirt $61.99-Cotton Lolita Dresses - My Lolita Dress

surface spell dark prints high waist lolita skirt- ugh I wish I could wear this somewhere without being judged


It’s like the perfect cinderella every day dress! LOOOOOOVE THIS! Shop Ulzzang Style Circle Lenses & Cosmetic Accessories from EyeCandy’s

Love the coat but the shirt cuffs put it over the top. <3

Fall Style: Velvet Coat

Steampunk inspired jacket sort of like my coat love this one alot its velvet i have a thing for velvet =)

Brown/white dress :( if only we lived in a world where I could wear this without being asked where I go square-dancing.