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Omg, the other week I was on a field trip, I was waiting in line behind my crush and my bestie comes up and says ur girlfriend loves u Ever time I talk to crush with my friend around its not Abby its ur girlfriend! I laugh every time

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fact about boys vs. fact about girls Yeah people are like why do u like so many people girl. They are just crushes I only have one guy in my heart ❤️

I know this is how me and my friends are : )

friends will call and ask to hang out, tell you you're pretty, let you eat the last chip. best friends will show up at your house without even asking, call you ugly when your hair is messed up, grab the last chip and yell "sucker!

15 Best Friendship Sayings #Friendship Vibes

15 Best Friendship Sayings

Duh with out feeling bad. That what real friends are for. Your my best friend you legit signed up for this!

This quote is perfect for me. I would rather have a guy friend than a girl. for all of the reasons listed.

I would rather have a guy friend than a girl. for all of the reasons listed. I how my girl best friends act I love my guy best friend he's so much better

@ Kennedyshemelia this will be us

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A best friend is the only one who will help you bury a body without an explanation

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Friends vs. Best Friends

Best Friends so true my Bff faith will kidnap him😊😊 she's a bestfriend

yes, but you are my best friend, so you knew before that this would happen in…

You wont fall Tay. lol ill catch you

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Like when two little boys charged him, he laughed, and scooped them into his arms with this wild grin.

Haha us every day being dangerous. *spying on mr mark&his creepy 100 cats*

i will if you will. My bestfriend and I say this all the time !

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so me. people think I did stuff I didn't because I can't stop laughing when I find whatever was done funny and actually I am bummed mad I didn't think of doing it.

How I dress yea I'm sad but who cares

Lol that's pretty much my life except I am a 40 year old man

So true. But i am NOT a teenager

Guys, are you tired of not being able to understand the teen gals in your life? A (few) translations from the *original* teen~girls language. (Not guaranteed to be completely accurate)

math: next to my 2 bff's, next to my crush, my bff - that really cool funny kid and I am the smart person!

I have the perfect seat,But my best friend does go to my school.