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ah the joys of being in a military relationship. Hahaha this seriously made me laugh when all I wanna do is cry right now.

Perfect description on why to stay strong :)

Because I am Army Strong and I love my soldier is worth it I'm n armywife

Tis true........For all my Army wife  friends :)

So true. Love knows no distance, our love is stronger than deployment! Semper Fi, my love! I miss and love you so much!

Ugh no I hate this. To me no news is worse because I create all these horrible scenarios in my head

knowing no news is good news. Something i repeat when he is gone.

The best relationships are the ones you didn't expect to be in and the ones you never saw coming.

So true. I met my hubby when I wasn't expecting to be in a relationship and tbh, never saw it coming.

Dr. Hysterectomy will be taking care of this for me! Love it!

Dear mother nature, i'd like to cancel my monthly subscription. So true!