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I’m proud of my heart It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken but somehow still works

Pain no one will ever know the pain I don't cry half the time I just want to die but I'm still smiles

The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.

Once you find yourself hiding anything to do with another woman bc you're being unfaithful, you've pretty much already cheated. When you think of things like that, even thinking about murdering someone for an example, in Gods eyes he sees it & judges you as if you already have committed the sins.

If your in a relationship you have no bussiness associating with the oppiset sex.chesting is interacting with the oppiset sex in any way that you would'nt if your Girlfriend/Boyfriend were standing next to you

look into her eyes. what do you see? do you see constant tears trying to escape? not until she is behind closed doors. So much pain in those pretty eyes.

..... !

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Passion, lust & love

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Sounds about right,,,,

I’m Done. I’m Drained Spiritually; I’m Dead. I’m Smile ” ~ Mistake Quote.story of my life

Don't! He's no prince charming if he's not there for you when your crying!

Crying over a guy? Nahh, pick up your head princess. Your tiara is falling.

My wish...Watch your back with your friends, lol.

lol ~ kidding ~ I do HATE you & you have TONS of fake assed bitch friends that are EXACTLY like you !

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It doesn't sound nice but its true

Why do you think that would be MANdy Nicole 🍋 Dennis smith? Maybe because you went after my husband, stalked me & my family through my child, & hurt innocent kids along the way.all because of your selfish, desperate, slutty ways!

I am worth the fight, I am worth the energy, I am worth the desire, don't guess just ask, but dont let me stop you. sounds like it used to be.

break up quotes ~ My ex husband told me he never tried to be a good husband and he was sorry he never gave me a chance. Broke my heart a bit

Don't worry. God has someone special for you. For Sarah.

Really god really.Don't worry if you're SINGLE. God is looking at you right now, saying, "I'm saving this one for someone special.

Bro tip #1293: You don't have to have sex to cheat. Once you find yourself deleting tests, you're probably almost there.

Brotips - 'You don't have to have sex to cheat. Once you find yourself deleting texts, you're probably almost there.

Full time only need apply...

I'm a full-time friend.my full-time friends are my FAVORITE!

answer for everything

Great advice:) Even when all else doesn't fail, take a nap! I love naps!