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Love pitties such a sweet, misunderstood bunch. Ban the deed not the breed!

Stop killing wecare sick tired of you killing are breed off we are playing so stop never single one breed out. Never trash breed so damn bad that nobody would want them at all im pit bull terrier lover always I am animal lover I will never kill or abuse or been to any breeds once you go pit you sure won't never quit Gotta love a pittie smile!!

No kill revolution has begun, killing good dogs because of horrible humans IS animal abuse!

Moe the American Pit Bull

Help stop breed discrimination and breed specific legislation! Pitbulls are amazing loving animals!

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People tend to go to one extreme or another in their feeling about pitbulls, they have their detractors and fanatics. Me, I love dogs, whether they’re pitbulls, chihuahuas or mixed breed.

I wish pitties were thug-aggressive

In the they blamed the dobermans. In the they blamed the german shepherds. In the they blamed the rottweilers. Now they blame the pitbulls. When are they going to start blaming the humans?

I don't own a pitbull but I do feel bad how some people judge them for what their owners make them do

Knew a pit like that, the sweetest animal you ever met. Sadly her owner's teenage son started 'taking care' of her and ruined her. It's not the dog, folks, it's the people.