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Whyyyyy?!  :o

Whyyyyy?! :o

And don't have to worry about a child rearranging my priorities (and my living room) and changing me into an unrecognizable shell of my 'former life'.

For The Child-Free People Out There

There HAS to be a funny side. Being childfree sucks. The only thing I ever get to do is whatever the hell I want.

17 Realities Everyone Who Is Child-Free By Choice Knows

17 Photos You'll Just Get If You're Over 32 And Don't Want Kids

"Infertility is personal. Choosing to pursue treatments is personal. Deciding how far to go in those treatments is personal. And walking away from treatments (towards pursuing adoption or coming to peace with being childfree) is also, extremely personal. As women, we need to get better about supporting other women and the personal choices they make." Copy and Pasted from a blog I read. :)

As women, we need to get better about supporting other women and the personal choices they make.

12.) People are always trying to convince childfree people to reconsider. Why? There's no real reason others should try to change your mind on such a personal decision. There are pros and cons to both sides, but it is no secret that there are more people on the planet than it can support. Let the childfree people be childfree. They're helping the planet in their own way.

"Keep your 'miracles'"

Helen Mirren & Taylor Hackford

14 Celebrities Who Don't Necessarily Want Kids

Jen Kirkman: Childfree by Choice | Dame Magazine

Jen Kirkman: Childfree by Choice

bookrageous: “ What We’re Reading This Week! Rebecca says: Jen Kirkman’s I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids is so spot-on to my experiences as a woman.

Yes! Thank you!! It is NOT your business what others plan to do with their reproductive parts and it's is not your place to tell others ESPECIALLY strangers that you apparently know better than they do! I will not change my mind and even if I do, I'll adopt rather than contribute to this grossly overpopulated world.

I am a feminist because I am an advocate for the right of choice and equality.I am not having kids is my right and my choice and my hubs and I are happy with the decision and not something that is open to debate or even comments.

The Shades of Otherhood Infographic by DeVries Global PR and inspired by my book, Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness

Amid The Mother's Day Marketing Blitz, A Look At An Ignored Demographic Gold Mine: The 'Others'

Friday's Fabulous Find… is an inspiring infographic courtesy of Melanie Notkin of Savvy Auntie, based on her book, “Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New.

Childfree Meme by DelphineNQ on deviantART

Another meme I created to highlight Childfreedom. something I celebrate quite happily Childfree Meme