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Extra Fabulous Comics » 22

Extra Fabulous Comics » 22

I just saw this and laughed so hard I almost vomited.

Africa is amazing and funny place. Be careful while you travel in Africa, you may be faced to real angry birds. Check out the funny image of Africa style .

Bahahaha tht guy was my favorite!

You have the wrong number! Carly Rae Jepsen meets the Amanda Show!

Not the usual Bernadette

When I saw this episode, I laughed for 5 minutes straight thinking about what Vivan was thinking when she saw the card! Oh my gosh. This is hilarious.

No, wait. Dont sue me, thats the opposite of the point im trying to make.  -Michael Scott

Made this in CompArt today… ENJOY

Friends Bloopers...I didn't think "Pivaaaat" could get funnier! 2:22 is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Friends bloopers- I just laughed nonstop for 7 minutes. My favorite show of all time!

Lolsotrue<<I look like the second one every day

LOL funny funny gif gpoy so true relatable lol so true lol thats me lolsotrue lolthatsme

I miss my Daddy now! LoL I lost it at the wooden car bumper. keg

I can fix that…

This is what my life would be if my dad and Pete "fixed" things their way!