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Never hesitate to adopt a black cat! They are the least adopted color of cats due to a stupid superstition. I miss my black kitties. Maybe one day I'll find another sweet black kitten to adopt and join our other fur babies.

Meet Daisy, the most photogenic kitten of all time…

Meet Daisy, the most photogenic kitten of all time. Daisy is a very photogenic kitten.

On September 30th, an abandoned kitten was found in a trailer park after a person heard her distressing cries. The Good Samaritan took her home but the tiny feline refused food and wouldn't stop crying.They reached out to a woman, who had raised orphaned kittens, hoping she could help. reddi...

I was told Mavis would be welcome here.She's a mini-purrito!

Love this face!

OP: "This is so sweet. How can people say they are evil and unlucky. They are lucky and sweet. Pure black cats are no different from any other cat. Happy Black Cat Tuesday from The Incensewoman"


This black kitten reminds me of Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service.

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Black Beauty Kitten ❤️ Just love that little pink tongue!

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dying here! Cute little kitty that looks like Toothless:)

baby black kitten in a bag.


Cute cat mug! I like my coffee like a like my cats --- Black with a little sugar!

Cats - Katzen

Cats - Katzen

In the middle again!

Waffles The Scottish Fold

La cute little ducklings and kitty. JUST like the aristocats! OMG Thomas O'malley as kitten and the Gobble sisters as the duckling!

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Black kitten with gorgeous sea foam green turquoise eyes

i want a little present like this <3

Black Kitten ~ purple Bow,,So Cute

Dostluk güzel şey_The friendly wonderfull

Best Friends - Baby & Kitty Dostluk güzel şey_The friendly wonderfull

Cute Baby Cheetah Glossy Poster Picture Photo Speed Infant Decor Wall Hang 410

Cute Baby Cheetah Glossy Poster Picture Photo Speed Infant Decor Wall Hang 410

I miss my baby minnie but i know shes in a Better place and she isnt hurting. But one thing i bet she misses is me and my family.♡♡

All dogs go to heaven, miss you Lexi Jo