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So, in you dream you see 'Peacock' - not a problem, we answer. Here you can find the value of a dream 'Peacock' and its complete interpretation.


✮ Peacock---- LOVE peacocks, I so want a male to go with my beautiful girls!


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Today we were photographing a peacock, noticed through the fence of a local chicken run, in full display – and the owner kindly invited us i.

I want to feel attractive.

I raised peacocks. They used to sit on top of the barn and call when anyone came down the road.OK, I seriously want a watch peacock!

WOW, I've never seen one this colour before. Is it real or photo-shopped???

Red Peacock - using a smaller version of this on my tree this year and will use it as the inspiration for my new bedroom design in January - LOVE **