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How to create wavy beach hair: http://www.ditatime.ie/hair/beachhair x #hair #inspiration #beauty #luxury #ditatime

Bow braids are a thing apparently. I wouldn't do a ton in a row like that, but one or two in a normal braid would be so neat Parker Parker Fenton


Discover fashionfreax, your fashion community. Awesome Style that combines : Bow-Braided hairstyle with -Nicole-. More Street Fashion here.

Прически для девочек Аквалайф

The Bow Braid by Cute Girls Hairstyles. Put in two French Braids. leaving center of head section out. Use a hair pin to weave in bows. minute video show you how.

Örgü Saç Modelleri ve Yapılışları ,  #örgüsaçmodelleriyapımı #saçmodellerinasılyapılır #saçmodelleriveyapılışları , Çok güzel bir galeri hazırladık. İçinde örgü saç modelleri olan günlük hayatta, özel davetlerinizde  uygulayacağınız çok zarif modell...

Örgü Saç Modelleri ve Yapılışları

This hairstyle is more for hunger games hair also is good for weddings and going out to dinner or on special occasions

Wow! DIY? No way! I need some help!

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Easy french braid bun looks amazing. The more simple it tutorials for the braided bun.

Per i capelli sfibrati c’è l’infuso di castagne semplicissimo da fare e che aiuta a dare lucentezza e morbidezza ai capelli ,per prepararlo  basta prendere  20 castagne fatele bollire e sbucciatele,lasciatele raffreddare   e poi schiacciatele fino a farle diventare un purè e aggiungete una tazzina di olio di germe di grano e anche un cucchiaio di henné neutro. Da stendere sui capelli asciutti per 2 ore risciacquate e asciugate come di abitudine.

Hair conditioner: 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar + 1 tsp of glycerin +beaten egg tbsp caster oil. Apply to entire length of the hair. Place hair in plastic cap. Leave mask on for 2 hrs. Wash hair using shampoo.

I have to try this...

Snake braid You braid your hair pieces of hair.) Then you push the braid up with one strand in the hand your pushing the braid up in. its nice to have long hair.

b for bel: Awesome Hair: The Unicorn Braid! Pretty!

The Unicorn Braid. Even though this is definitely not called the unicorn braid it's a rope braid but yeah.

folyo ile dalgalı saç nasıl yapılır?

They tested it and it actually worked. Now I just need to find someone patient enough to put my hair into a bunch of tin foil pouches, lol. Pinstrosity: Tin Foil Curls, Myth Foiled or Fantastic cant believe it really works def want to try