The continuous curved wood handrail of the custom designed stairway forms a graceful curve over the arched opening, delivering an understated elegance to the entry hall and a befitting introduction to the house.

beautiful bright stairway

With the exception of a pink carpet runner, this is a lovely English style staircase.

I love the landing at the top of the stairs and the area behind the stairs.  Home Channel TV

The hallway seems narrow -- too narrow -- but the staircase is gorgeous and the space well designed. Georgian Revival house in the historic Richmond Road section of Lexington, Kentucky

Love the balcony and floor color

Beautiful Entry- stairs going the opposite direction of most, with a small walkway over the door. still keeps the two-story foyer (with window) feel!

Spiral cellars -

Smart storage solutions

Ever find yourself thinking about doing a cellar in your house? Wine lovers certainly have caught themselves asking this question, but bumping into the same answer, the lack of space. with this in mind, UK company Spiral Cellars created the spiral w

Stephen Fuller Designs - Shingle Style Gallery - foyer

Gabriel Builders - traditional - Staircase - Other Metro - Gabriel Builders Inc.