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Those batch of emos included me lol

yesss a new batch of darklings This little girl at my church ( THREE YEARS OLD) was like, I saw big hero six! and I choked << and the next generation will either be a bunch of emos or frozen fans

This is hilarious and beautiful.

This makes my little emo heart happy. But you gotta have Gee in there somewhere<<<<Gee can sprinkle sass from the heavens (aka snow) that if the children play in they may achieve levels of emo sass that no non-emo child has seen before.

Oh my god!!!! Cornflakes!!!! There are literally tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!!!!

Fall out boy lyrics, more like Patrick needs to practice his enunciation

Repinning for the "thnks fr th pmpkn spc ltt"

THIS<<< Thanks for the pumpkin spice latte see it tastes like coffee only SWEETER<<<ohmygod, thats perfect. Fall, fall out boy, thks fr th pmpkn spc ltte


I Really Hate When People Type Like This Like What Are You Doing This Is A Sentence Not A Fallout Boy Song Title, By Panic! At The Disco.

I've gotten whiplash so many times by head banging you don't even know

Like I legit dance around my entire house when no one is home.


Omg could you imagine his deep ass voice as some dainty lil princess I love it already

10/10 would do this/I already have

If you don't get this I'm not sure if I can explain xD HAHAHAHA!<<< someone told fall out boy to get shorter titles so they made "thnks fr th mmrs", originally titled "thanks for the memories", they just got rid of the vowels.

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tbh everyday i try to be 2007 pete wentz

'When the Titles of Songs Arent Said in the Actual Song I Get Uncomfortable By Fall Out Boy'   By Panic! At the Disco

Don't worry, we'll make sure the song title is repeated in the actual song so you don't get uncomfortable By fall out boy<<By Panic at the Disco

Don't let me listen to this song in public because there is a 100% chance I will sing these lines out loud because it's that part that gives me the adrenaline rush

"If I spilled my guts, the world will never look at you the same way".Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy