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piggyy piggyy

We may even have a pet craft time. The only thing cuter than a teacup pig in puddle boots *might* be a teacup pig painting.

Some days are mucky, but wallowing is best left to pigs.  Just pull up yourself up by the bootstraps and keeping muddling through.

Yes, it's a baby pig wearing boots. The boots provide two functions: they make the pig look unbearably adorable and allow her to trod in the mud without fear, a big deal since she has mysophobia—a fear of dirt. [via Best Week Ever].

I'm sexy and I know it

Sexy bear

Pictures of bears doing human things Nikolai Zinoviev dancing brown bear

There can't be anything cuter than this in the whole internet.

OMG a baby pig eating ice cream is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Instagram's Most Adorable Pair Of Piglets #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/prissy-pig-instagram#slide1  They got it right for once.

Instagram's Most Adorable Pair Of Piglets

This Little Piggy Went To The Market! Adorable Photo-Shooting Starring Two Mini Pigs: Priscilla And Poppleton

how cuteeee :) It is my goal to have one of these there so adorable!!!

i want to squeeze this puppy! look at the fat rolls! Shar pei puppies are some of the cutest ever!


Photos of Royal Dandies, the smallest miniature potbellied pigs which and are direct descendants of pot belly pigs (also known as small pigs, pot bellied pigs or potbelly pigs).