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just a wee baby sloth

here are some pictures of baby sloths to fill your miserable heart with the slow, fuzzy feelings only cute tiny animals can replenish.

This poor baby sloth broke his arm, but it's on the mend!

Species of Sloths

The next time you're feeling down, just remember this sloth's face. So damn cute and happy looking, despite a broken arm!

Attn Kristen Bell: Sloths Aplenty on #PBS & the New Photo Book ‘#Slothlove’

As a wildlife conservationist in Costa Rica, Sam Trull, has captured numerous photos of baby sloths, which she is featuring in a new book entitled Slothlove.

The Cutest Sloth Selfie

The Cutest Sloth Selfie

That awkward moment when a baby sloth takes a better selfie than you ever could. just know by the look on his face that sloth just sexted all that guys friends!

Sloth, WHY YOU SO CUTE!!!   ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Because sloths are awesome

Well actually no, Slothes can be fast, Just its an evolutionary advantage to be slow as thier main predator is a bird that would be able to spot fast movements in the trees.


cassielcraven: Look at this little baby sloth. It’s smiling. It’s like… it’s wishing me to have a great Wednesday. I think I’m going to do it… for FLUFFY little baby sloth. Listen to this baby sloth everyone and have a happy Wednesday!

Little sloth about to go to sleep

Baby sloth :) Like this for Kristen Bell, I get emotional about these critters too.

❤️ So cute..and funny! Wait for it..

This Baby Sloth Will Remind You To Never Give Up